Lorne MacDougall

33, Campbeltown

  • Square One - 11 02 2015 10.17 04:51
  • The Gravel Walk (first take from "Hello World") 04:23
  • Grey Daylight 05:30
  • The Helm (from Take the Floor, July 2012) 05:22
  • Glendaruel Highlanders (from Pipeline live @ Campbeltown, June 2005) 03:17
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Tell us about yourself!

I'm from a small village on the West Coast of Scotland called Carradale which is close to Campbeltown in Kintyre so I grew up learning pipes through what is now the Kintyre Schools Pipe Band. After I left school, like a lot of people that age from the area, I moved to Glasgow to study at the RSAMD (now RCS) for Scottish Music - Piping - I was one of the first on the course! I've been lucky to work with a lot of bands since then. I've worked with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers since they began back in 2005 and am currently working on my own new album as well as a new special project with the band I'm currently touring with - The Tannahill Weavers, but that's all top secret for now! I've also got my own band when the opportunity arises. Over the last few years I've contributed to a few film and television soundtracks which I love doing, It's immensely satisfying being a small part of a huge production like that when you get to sit back and watch it in the audience.

How does your music impact & inspire your life?

It's there constantly! As soon as I wake up, iTunes is on. I have a musical keyboard with me at all times as well so in the middle of things (including answering these questions) I'll start to mess about and see what happens. Literally only 1% of what comes out actually ends up in anything I release tho! It's been with me as long as I remember, if a sad thing happens in life sad music gets composed in my head almost subconsciously! Maybe I should see a doctor about that!

Why the bagpipes over any other instruments?

It was an accident actually. I didn't like them to begin with! I was sent to lessons by my parents - they always said it would change my life and I'd get to experience amazing things because of them. I thought they were daft, and the scene in the local area was more geared towards brass bands and choirs so I was a bit of a freak in the early days. I can't remember what changed but it was almost overnight, - I think it was being introduced to the social aspect of it, making music with other people - then I just started to understand them more and fall in love with the music and all the associated experiences.

What are your musical goals? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I'm needing to get into the studio for my second solo album! It's got a name, a track list and everything is in place except funding to make it. 😞 The goal with this one is to make it as perfect as I can, the best studio, best engineer, best musicians. I've never been so prepared and theres some really cool ideas and arrangements on it I think. It is getting better with time too, some tracks have fallen off with other newer, better ideas coming on. There's another few things I'm trying to get off the ground including “Project 466” which is a track where I'd like to invite every piper in the world with a microphone/smartphone to contribute. These are the two projects I'd love to get complete sometime in the very near future. That's not to mention our new pipe group, Tryst, which is what I'm actually working on just now.

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