JULY 2016



  • Oblique (Live) 04:55
  • Jigs 04:10
  • Gibber 03:38
  • Golden Brown - Single 04:04
  • B52 03:28
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Tell us about yourself!

We were founded by our piper James in November 2014 with the view of being able to play Celtic Connections which was too months away in January 2015. James had already played with the five founding members in separate bands and occasions so we all met up in the space of a week or two for a jam and some beers and we all just clicked, it felt like a band straight away. We all bring different backgrounds to the band so the folk/jazz/rock fusion that is apparent in our music kind of came naturally, James and Charlie both came from a traditional Scottish folk background although Charlie, along with Stephen both study Jazz. Luc grew up steeped in the English folk traditional and Joe was raised in the Irish style. On paper we must look like the most miss matched band ever, in a musical sense, but we firmly believe that's what sets us apart from other Trad-folk bands on the scene today.

How does your music impact & inspire your life?

We all either study music or play it full time, if we aren't listening to it, we are writing it, and if we aren't practising it, we are on stage performing, which is something we wouldn't change for the world. Its a way of life for all five us, I guess thats what we have in common. Although we all have our toes dipped in other ponds, Dosca is something that belongs to the five of us, and the fact that we've been on TV, Radio and been abroad just means the world to us, people are switching on and taking notice of what we are doing and that really means the world to us. It makes it worth while.

Why the bagpipes over any other instruments?

James and Joe both have a massive piping background. Uillean pipes, border pipes, highland bagpipes and even whistles all feature heavily on the boys' musical upbringing. In terms of Dosca, I guess you could say the Bagpipes are our most prominent feature. Combined with the rest of the ensemble, especially the drums and guitar, the atmosphere the music creates is exciting and a real reflection on our passion for what we do. It also adds hugely to the stage presence which we noticed playing at the Orkney Folk festivals farewell concert this year. All acts of the festival play at 15 min set then there is a big last set. We came on after an awesome Norwegian fiddle quintet and gave it our all. People came up and said that we "blew the roof off" which is a compliment I guess! And that big sound that people are seeming to gravitate too just wouldn't be the same in our case without the presence that the Bagpipes brings.

What are your musical goals? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Well in the space of one year we have had two television appearances on STV and BBC, and multiple radio stations across Europe, two have even been in the USA. We've been over to Amsterdam, Belgium and Italy and successfully have started our summer tour which consists of various festivals and venues across Scotland and Europe, which we are currently half way through now. Traditional music in Scotland right now is incredible with amazing organisations, institutions and individuals pushing and promoting the tradition. And although these are in place, we have done the majority of the work off of our own back, we have emailed what feels like thousands of festivals, pushed through hours upon hours of rehearsals and have travelled miles just for the opportunity to play and now that we are starting to experience some success, it encourages us to keep going. If the number of gigs we get keeps going up and the publicity keep increasing then we are happy with that! We are going to be recording our Album in winter this year as we are currently in talks with a label. 5 years time? God knows what the next 5 months will be never mind 5 years! The dream is to tour the world full time with a successful album behind us, if thats the case in 5 years time then I guess we've made it!

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