MARCH 2017

Yoann An Nedeleg

29, Sant Brieg

  • Clinch Mountain Backstep 02:03
  • BEO 04:37
  • Kas Ar Steak - Reels 03:19
  • Skaramaka - Fae 07:44
  • Skaramaka - Kan Dal Loar - Au Satellit Café Roanne - Villerest 09:33
  • Skaramaka 04:30
  • An Dro — Yaouank Live 05:52
  • Jigs — Yaouank Live 06:33
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Tell us about yourself!

I'm from Brittany, near Saint Brieuc (French for Sant Brieg). I started playing the Bombard when I was 8 years old at the Bagad Sant Brieg. Aftewards I started learning the Biniou Kozh at the music school Sonerien ha Kanerien Breizh.

I quickly detached myself from the Bagads and their stricter music. I wanted to feel freer in my music by playing outside of bands.

One day, my dad bought me Davy Spillane's CD "Pipesdreams" and I felt in love with the Uilleann-Pipes.

Around the same time I was asked to come back to my original Bagad to lead it and I accepted. I carried on for a while but eventually stopped and return to playing breton music on the Uilleann-Pipes. It was amazing to rediscover the music I grew up with and knew so well through another instrument.

I soon started to play other types of music, such as Progressive Rock with the band Skaramaka. The fact of playing a new music style meant I was discovering a new aspect of the instrument I didn't know and that was really interesing.

I graduated a double degree in history and Breton language, then went and studied for a year at the prestigious Irish World School of Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland.

During my time in Ireland I've had the opportunity to meet irish music legends such as Davy Spillane, Liam O'Flynn, Blackie O'Connell, Cillian Vallely, John Mc Sherry, Barry Kerr, Tyler Duncan, Tiarnan O'Duinchinn, Ronan Browne, Mick O'Brien and so many more! I worked with them, developped my style and picked up on the Travellers type of piping, more open and that changes from the gentleman type of piping.

When I was far from home, I realised that we too had a very rich culture and felt the need to explore it deeper than I ever did before. I came back to Brittany where I studied with the big names of the Breton music and started new projects.

How does your music impact & inspire your life?

Music is something we feel deep inside and which is very personal. I've always been surrounded by music from as far as I can remember, like I was with the Breton language and culture. It has helped building and understanding myself as practicing an instrument can be trying and demands rigor.

On top of that, I really want to share my culture and language, and piping has been a way for me to achieve that. However, I don't focus only on traditional music, so by being interested in piping music, I eventually discover other types of music, met people and opened up to new cultures and opportunitites I could never have dreamed of.

What are your musical goals? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Most importantly, I want to enjoy myself and play music with the people I like. Teaming up with other musicians is always a great experience, such as Skaramaka or my current project Yoann Nedeleg Noz Project, my Irish music band BEO or the Duet with Mathieu Rouzig on bouzouki.

I want to keep playing good music and reach outside of the border of Celtic music by reaching to other genre like Rock or Pop. Paradoxally, I love going back to the very roots of my own Breton music and revisit the instrument in order to be able to perform traditional music at its best.

Music evolves as we evolve and gets more complex and raises more questions I want to answer. Music is a language I love sharing and make people discover.

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