• Intro 05:09
  • Allegory 04:39
  • Sorley's 05:43
  • The Lasher 07:10
  • Between The Pines 04:35
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Tell us about yourself!

We're a five piece band based mostly in Glasgow except our singer who lives in Edinburgh. Originally we are from all over both in terms of geography and musical up-bringings. I'm (Steven Blake) from Livingston originally and grew competing in the solos and playing in the school pipe band. Jack Smedley,our fiddle player hales from Cullen where he grew up playing a lot of 'North-East' fiddle music. Adam Brown,our guitarist, is from Cambridgeshire where he came up through the Irish scene there whilst David Foley, our drum and flute player, did the same in Glasgow. Adam Holmes, from Portobello grew up exposed to a lot of traditional music and started singing at a young age as well as playing the fiddle.

I think it's fair to say our sound it somewhat defined by our limitations and by brining these different musical back grounds together.

Describing a band always feels like a very difficult thing to do and the easiest way to get an honest description is simply to listen to our music.

How does your music impact & inspire your life?

That's a big question, I feel like I could only really answer it from my own perspective as an individual.

I would say most of the time it's the other way around; the things that are going on in my life tend to influence the music I make. Both in terms of the perspective I'd be writing from and the frame of mind I'm in.

Playing music in the band definitely impacts my life in that it's the biggest part of me spending most of tune doing something I love and playing regularly does feel like it keeps me sane on some level.

For the most part it's experiencing music as a listener that impacts and inspires my life in a way I'm more conscious of. Other people's music tends to resonate with me or inspire me to emulate an element of it etc.

Why the bagpipes over any other instruments?

In RURA we've decided to use highland pipes and it definitely defines part of our sound. I think one thing we aim to create is music that's quite 'big', for want of a better word, and the sound of the highland pipes definitely helps towards this end.

What are your musical goals? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

As a band we're aiming to build on what we've got just now and develop our sound, writing and live gig to a point where it's always getting better and not only feels great to play but comes across to the audience in a way that's convincing and exciting.

That's the aim anyway!

We're writing a lot of new music at the moment and I'm sure that will come to fruition in the guise of an album or some other sort of release.

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