Calum Watson

21, Lasswade

  • The Little Cascade 03:05
  • 6/8 Marches 03:04
  • Strathspeys & Reels 03:21
  • Retreats 04:35
  • The Ballad of Glencoe 04:27
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Tell us about yourself!

I'm currently a full time student studying Mechanical Engineering with Aeronautics at the University of Strathclyde. Outwith my studies, I spend most of my time piping and I'd say the majority of this is focussed to the competitive side. I'm a member of the Peoples Ford Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia pipe band and Pipe Major of the Novice Juvenile band there too. I also enjoy solo competition and currently receive Piobaireachd tuition from Tom Speirs. On the more contemporary side I am Pipe Major of the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and I enjoy composing and arranging when I get the chance.

How does your music impact & inspire your life?

Music has a huge impact on my life. There's barely a day that goes by that I don't play or even think about potential new tunes or arrangements. Through the years piping has given me the opportunity to travel within the UK and across the world to Canada, The USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Why the bagpipes over any other instruments?

There are a few things about the pipes that stand out to me over other instruments. Firstly, the variety of music that can be played on them from Piobaireachd, to competitive bands to playing modern arrangements with other musicians keeps the pipes fresh. The sound of the instrument itself is also unlike any other instruments. The sound of the chanter and the drones blending when the pipes are going well can be something quite special. The challenge of keeping 4 reeds in total harmony can make the bagpipes the worst instrument at times but fortunately the pipes behaved whilst I was putting these sets together.

What are your musical goals? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

My main goals are to qualify for the senior contests at the Northern Meeting and Argyllshire Gathering and to win the World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 1. I have really enjoyed producing these tracks so hopefully I'll get another opportunity to do something similar whether it's just a few tracks for a bit of fun or forming a band.


I'd like to say a huge thanks to all of the musicians that participated in this project. Their enthusiasm and efforts have been second-to-none and I'm absolutely delighted with the final result. In no particular order: Emma Hendry (whistle), Gavin Burns (Acoustic, Electric & Bass guitars), Ross Harvey (Drum Kit), Morven Ferrigan (Vocals), Gordon Brown & Alan Irvine on snare and Darren Owenson on bass.

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